Good morning 🌞 pre-dental family. On 06AUG2020, (which was a few days ago lol) I had my first POSITIVE military dental experience. My previous military dentists are what made me want to pursue military dentistry in the first place. You the how if you had bad mentor or teacher, you should strive to be the type of mentor or whatever that you wish you had to someone else‼️ LT. Delcambre reminded me of what I strive to be. He was so friendly, bubbly, passionate, and genuine about his career and that resonated well with me. I just wanted to thank him for showing me that not every military dentist is a robot! 😭

If y’all are really passionate about this, freaking go for it. Go for it head on and don’t stop! Even if it takes you 2 or 3 tries like US! Yes Doc applied TWICE, but that’s perfectly fine. All that matters is that he didn’t give up. 🤞🏾|

PLEASE remember to dm me with any questions you guys have, I’m open to whatever y’all have. I just want to help get you to where you’re trying to be. ❤️

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