How I Prepped for the DAT

| The first time I took the DAT, my studying was all over the place. I had no discipline and I didn’t utilize my time the best way I could. This time I use my PLANNER, I’ve adopted a STUDY SCHEDULE and I take BREAKS throughout the day. I engage in daily study material on social media @bohrprep , I use @quizlet for dat prep material and @datbootcamp . And the best part is that I can do this on the go w the app! I’ve found that I am retaining the information better and I don’t feel tired. Also, you have to REST. Rest your BODY & BRAIN 🧠! When I sleep, I subconsciously go over the information I have reviewed and that helps with retention and comprehension for ME. Everyone is going going to be different, but that is OKAY! You want to find what works best FOR YOU. For me, it’s a scheduled and disciplined method. |🤞🏾🧑🏽‍⚕️ #dentalish #predent #predentalstudent#predenting #predentingwpk#datstudying #datbootcamp #datprep

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