So boom. I had my first interview y’all. When I tell y’all I wanted to cry because I felt like all of my hard work has finally been doing something lol. But fr. It was indeed a virtual one. Conducted via zoom. Even though it was virtual, I feel like I still got my points across when answering questions. I remained attentive, smiley as always 🤣 and most importantly MYSELF ❤️

I googled what to wear and everything, then my very supportive better half suggested I wear what made me comfortable, but still professional though. So I wore the navy blue dress w the nikes! So glad my shoes weren’t showing 😭

The part y’all want to know right. THE QUESTIONS. The first point of advice I’ll give is to remain REAL AND RAW! I know y’all are tired of me saying it, but it’s the best way to go in my opinion. I didn’t research questions or practice (only one mock interview w my summer program) but other than that, prayer and authenticity. 🤞🏾

The main topics of questions I received were:
1. What does leadership mean to you?
2. Why do you think dentistry is a good fit for you?
3. Why should I get selected?
4. An example of community service that really impacted me?
5. Lifelong lesson that I have learned?
6. (Reapplicants only) What have I done to make myself a more competitive applicant and show growth?

My last pic is how it went for me personally, plus I was sweating 😂 but that all went away, when I got in my groove.

Remember guys, everything you have done up until this point is going to pay off and keep going at it and don’t stop 🛑 even when you feel overwhelmed. It makes you stronger and more appreciative of the ENTIRE PROCESS. I feel that I am better equipped to better assist my other pre-dents with their journeys. Please LIGHT UP MY DMS W ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING ANY STAGE IN YOUR PROCESS! I’m here for you all.|

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