Don't Rush the Process

| Hey guys. My first go round I had just found out I was eligible to graduate early (it was my junior year though), so that immediately sped up my entire timeline for preparing for the DAT and the app. I knew I was taking a chance but I thought I was ready. I had pep talks with my prehealth advisor and I thought I had a good chance, but it was all rushed and I knew it. I thought all of my schooling and science courses had prepared me but y’all! I came up short. I was so devastated and it hurted even more because I paid for everything with my own money and I barely had any. My DAT scores were average and I applied late. Moral of the story, this SHOULD NOT BE A RUSHED PROCESS. After I graduated, I awaited to here from the schools I applied to and I applied in November and heard back in April. I didn’t get in, which I felt but now that it was real, I had to ADAPT! I knew my main weakness was my DAT score. So I randomly checked my email while I was at CVS and I saw an email from a dental school that was not on my radar at all. The email stated that the program saw that I would be applying to D school soon and they had a summer dental program. The program was free to apply to and basically an application enhancing, dat prep program. And I thought it was Heaven sent, so I applied immediately! Y’all I usually never get accepted into programs but I GOT ACCEPTED INTO THIS SUMMER DENTAL PROGRAM! And it officially starts 01JUN and I am going to keep y’all updated. So I just want you guys to know that plans and timelines WILL CHANGE. This does not mean it is a setback though. That’s what I had to learn. I also applied to a masters program and got ACCEPTED y’all! This masters program offers second year medical and dental school classes, so I will be even more competitive this cycle. To all my pre-dents, when adverse situations arise, ADAPT & TURN that FEAR INTO INSPIRATION. |
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