I wasn’t going to share this but it’s been in the back of my head since I took my test in August and it might inspire or help someone.

Truth is... with taking the DAT 3 times, it’ll definitely change you 💯 I went from a 16 to 15 to 18‼️ And I was so confused and angry at myself for not performing like I usually do but everything happened for a reason and I’m appreciative of everything and the way it did play out ✊🏾

I know to some an 18 isn’t that competitive but it was extremely competitive for me personally in addition to my application and that’s why I believe my overall application was strong 💪🏽

This post is just to let you guys know your score isn’t the only thing that holds weight and that’s that on that 🙌🏽

I am very proud of the score I made because I worked extremely hard to get it and I was also in school, applying for HPSP, military duty and working out 🏋️‍♀️. I feel as though the admissions committees could really see my GROWTH and how I kept trying to improve despite my score going down the second retake🤞🏾

Moral of the story: Don’t rush at all and it’s okay to reschedule your test to when you feel ready to tackle it 🙏🏽 I tell y’all this stuff because I don’t want you to have to stress yourself out with retakes. I wish I had this knowledge back then 😎

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