| Hey pre-dents! I thought shadowing right now wasn’t happening! Boy was I wrong! 👎🏽 All I did was called up my docs and they said come on in! Don’t be afraid to reach out. I’ve compiled some questions to ask your dentists when you shadow. I’ll put them below.

Also, if you’re not already, try to join some of your state oral health programs! It’s a great way to show you’re trying to advocate and help the oral health of your state or communities! I live in MS. So I googled and called around at my state Oral Health Office and they said they would love to have a pre-dental student! This way I get to dive deeper into the Dental Public Health specialty!
Bottom line upfront: Don’t be afraid to reach out and learn what you want!
Remember to have some questions for the dentist when you go shadow them and you can make these questions your own!

1. How’d you get into dentistry and what was your defining moment?
2. How did you incorporate that into your app/personal statement?
3. What ways were you involved in the community and were you in any dental societies/clubs
4. Were you in a summer dental enrichment program before dental school, if so, how do think it helped you?
5. Did you do any prep for the dat?
What made you choose the SOD you went to?
6. What was your biggest challenge in dental school?
7. What made you choose the specialty you’re in? Like how did you know this is the one?
8. What’s it like having your own practice?
9. How did you start up?
10. How did COVID effect your practice?

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