Tackled the DAT today‼️ I guess the 3rd time was a charm for me lol (don’t be like me) 😭I just want to thank everyone who believed in and supported me through this. I’m almost at one of the many finish-lines but this one was big. I am truly grateful for every experienced have had this far and I regret absolutely NOTHING!

Huge thanks to @datbootcamp and my summer program for getting me right! I really enjoyed the structure and the ease of having every topic in one program. I might make my own some day 🤞🏾.

The question banks are what I think helped me the most. I started to learn that learning from all the answer choices explanations instead of just the correct answer choice was most beneficial‼️ and Dr. Mike stills need a raise 🤞🏾I used the app all day every day, then section tests, a nap and woke up and did it all again continuously 😀 It will all be worth it. I know it’s easier said that done but saying it helps you to do it ❤️

My family already knew I would do what I needed to before I did and I came home to a surprise 😆‼️

Manifesting and claiming things you want in life is something I will always continue to do because it reminds me of what I’m trying to do. That way I WON’T ever lose focus.

To my pre-dents that have yet to take the DAT, put your ALL into it. I prefer to start studying 2-2 months and a half before your exam. That’s how I did it. And y’all know it took me 3 times and I don’t want that to be you guys. So GO AT IT WITH ALL YOU HAVE!

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